Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are new to LEGO® Friends or know it so well you can recite the menu from the Cupcake Café, you may have a question or two for us. We have gathered a few here – just select a question to see the answer. Can’t find the question or answer you’re looking for? Reach out to Customer Service: Our friendly staff is standing by to help.

  • My child has never built LEGO models before – do they need help to learn how to build?

    Each set comes with easy-to-follow building instructions with detailed step-by-step pictures in clear colors. If your child is new to LEGO, they may need a little help to get started, but before you know it, they’ll be building and playing on their own!
  • What is a perfect first LEGO Friends set?

    If your child is new to building with LEGO bricks, look for smaller sets with 100-200 pieces, like 41341 Andrea's Bedroom  or 41342 - Emma's Deluxe Bedroom 

    – both popular toys and easy starter sets for your new LEGO builder.

  • What should you give the avid LEGO Friends fan?

    If your child is interested in a specific theme, like playing shop, sports, arts and crafts, science, gadgets or cars, look for sets that match their interests, and let them build their own Heartlake City neighborhood with all their favorite activities.

  • How do you choose age appropriate LEGO Friends toys for your kids?

    Every LEGO Friends box has a clear age marking to help you find a set that matches your child’s age, skills, experience level and development. If you’re shopping in the online LEGO Shop, you can also find age marking, number of parts, and a detailed list of functions and accessories in each set to help you choose a set that will be fun for your child.

  • What is Heartlake City?

    It’s the home of LEGO Friends. Centered around the heart-shaped lake in the center, the city has everything you might find in any city around the world - only in mini-doll figure scale. Downtown is home to office buildings, a hospital, shops, hotels, the park, and of course the lakeshore beach. Outside the city the LEGO Friends can ride horses, go camping, sailing, hiking (and stay up way past their bedtime).
  • What can my child play with LEGO Friends?

    Heartlake City is full of places kids recognize from real life - homes and work places, schools, and their favorite places to eat, be creative, or just meet up for fun. Kids can roleplay and explore the world through their own everyday scenarios, mysteries, challenges or adventures. There are shops, stables and vet’s clinics where they can care for animals and pets, the race car track, sports and activities, secret tree-top club houses, arts and crafts, and - of course - cool vehicles for all their daring missions.

  • What do the LEGO Friends do?

    Whatever the situation requires, the five Friends each use their strengths and creativity to save the day. They can act as caregivers or construction workers, pie-bakers to pilots, singers to scientists, artists to animal trainers, and everything in between. Whatever they (or your child) can imagine. In the LEGO Friends mini movies and videos, each of the five main characters explore and develop new hobbies, talents and interests. Sometimes they fail, but life doesn’t have to be perfect – it’s about using what you have, being curious, helping and encouraging each other and going all in.
  • What’s in a LEGO Friends set?

    Bricks, a building instructions booklet (or more, depending on the size of the model), and maybe decorative stickers for the model. Each box is full of vibrant colors, funny, relatable characters of all ages and backgrounds that inspire roleplay and team work, and themed, age-appropriate accessories for open-ended play possibilities. Kids can build, rebuild, and combine with any other LEGO set and create anything they can imagine.

  • I lost a part/I’m missing a piece from the LEGO set I bought. What do I do?

    It’s happened to the best of us – that important little brick went up the vacuum/vanished under the couch cushions/was accidentally left at school…. Or, once in a rare blue moon, a LEGO set may have snuck out of our production line short of a piece… No need to worry. You can order a replacement part right here.

  • How do you clean a LEGO Friends set?

    If the set is assembled, you can use a duster to clean it without breaking it apart. If you want to clean or disinfect individual bricks or pieces, you can hand wash them at 30o Celcius with a sponge or soft brush and a mild detergent. Rinse, and then pat or air dry and you’re good to go.

  • Can my child combine LEGO Friends bricks with other LEGO sets?

    Yes! That’s what makes LEGO so much fun to play with. All LEGO System elements fit together, whether they were made in 1958 or 2018. If your child wants to expand Heartlake City with more LEGO Friends sets, a police or fire station from LEGO City, or a NINJAGO™ spinjitzu studio, everything can be built together. And why stop at a city when they can build states, countries, or even whole worlds?
  • How long does it take to build a LEGO Friends set?

    That definitely depends on how much time your child spends playing with it as they build. Small sets can be built in a very short time. Bigger sets come with numbered bags to let your child finish building sections separately. There is no right or wrong way to build a LEGO Friends set. Some like to build everything before they start playing, others prefer to combine the building experience with play breaks as each section is finished. You never know when a fun play idea hits, and the process is often just as entertaining as playing with the finished set.
  • Can you build other things with LEGO Friends sets?

    ANYTHING your child can imagine. The building instructions in the box give your child all the help they need to build what they can see on the box. But if they want to, they can turn their treehouse into a rocket, a school into a boat, or whatever they want to play with.

  • We have lost the building instructions – can we reorder them?

    Your child can always rebuild the set into something else if they want – but you can also search for and download building instructions here for any set (PDF file). If you know the set number or the year it was made, you can refine your search. Otherwise just browse through the search results until you find your set.