LEGO® Animal Toys and Figures

From your toddler’s first farm animals or toy pets to dragons and dinosaurs for kids of all ages, here’s how to find the perfect set for your creative animal caretaker!

Newest Animals

This is the one-stop pet shop display of all the latest animals from all LEGO® worlds and themes. Can you ever have too many cats? (Don’t answer that.) Most of these animals play really well together, regardless of species and worlds of origin, so feel free to adopt as many as you like!

LEGO® Toy Animals and Figures by Age

Follow our complete age-by-age guide and find the perfect toy animals and figures for boys and girls of any age – from 1½ to 100+! Looking for a kitten or bunny? A shark or a dinosaur? You want to make sure your young animal lover can handle them with care. When you shop by age, you can find a new best furry friend that matches your child’s build and play level.

LEGO® Animals by Theme

What animals live with the LEGO® Friends in Heartlake City, in the homes in LEGO City or with the ninja in the NINJAGO® world? What new Fantastic Beasts™ is Newt Scamander™ training these days? Find the perfect animals for every LEGO theme here.

LEGO® Dinosaurs Behind the Scenes

Just because a dinosaur is extinct, it doesn’t mean it can’t still wreak a bit of prehistoric havoc now and then. Watch what the LEGO® Jurassic World™ dinosaurs are up to these days.

Funny LEGO® Animal Videos

Everyone knows the internet was created for cute animal videos. LEGO® animals are no exception.

Why We Love Toy Animals

From babies and toddlers to preschoolers and older kids, everyone can enjoy the benefits of playing with toy animals. Animal names and sounds are often some of the earliest babies learn to recognize and speak when you play along with them.


Toy animals instantly spark kids’ imagination and they can teach your young caretaker so much about their world, emotions, empathy and friendship and help develop their creative thinking.


LEGO® toy animals are designed be safe, sturdy, colorful and full of personality! Whether your child loves dinosaurs, horses or sharks, or all of the above, they can build and create their own world with room for all their favorite pets or wild animals. Just look for age markings on the box to find the perfect set that fits your young toddler’s small hands or your older child’s endless imagination and building skills!